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Joel Kawachi, Athletic Director, Moanalua High School
Ph. (808) 837-8066

2023-24 OIA Cross Country Schedule

For more info on OIA Cross Country, click on this link: https://sites.google.com/site/oiacrosscountryhawaii/

OIA Cross Country Info & Results Page for Parents and Athletes:


Mililani's Kimberly Pugliese

By: Edward Jackson
Posted (Wed) December 8, 2010
Summary: Mililani’s Kimberly Pugliese says she was thrilled to garner a fifth place finish at the recent girls cross country state championships held at Central Oahu Regional Park. Pugliese was the highest placed finishers among Oahu Interscholastic Association runners.... more

2010 OIA Cross Country Championship Results

Posted (Tue) October 19, 2010
Summary: Get results of the 2010 OIA Eastern and Western Divisional Cross Country Championships held on October 9, 2010 and the OIA JV Championships held on October 16, 2010... more

Waianae Cross Country

By: Chelsie Bernades
Posted (Fri) October 13, 2006
Summary: The Cross Country team not only has new team members but new coaches too. And with new coaches come new strategies and goals.... more

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2022 Mililani Edwin Alfara

2021 Kalani Matt Sanders

2019 Kalani Matt Sanders

2018 Kalani Matt Sanders

2017 Kalani Diana Woitovich

2016 Kalaheo Peter Jay

2015 Kalaheo Peter Jay

2014 McKinley Matthew Kunita

2013 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2012 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2011 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2010 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2009 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2008 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2007 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2006 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2005 Leilehua Shawn Nakata
2004 Aiea Bryan Terauchi
2003 Kalaheo Lewis Fuddy
2002 Radford Ron Pate
2001 McKinley Jerry Cabradilla
2000 Mililani Paul Oshiro
1999 Mililani Paul Oshiro
1998 Radford Sam Jones
1997 Roosevelt Gordon Ota
1996 Mililani Derrek Higa
1995 Radford Sam Jones, Ron Pate
1994 Mililani Derrek Higa
1993 Pearl City Derrek Higa
1992 Kalaheo Lewis Fuddy, Gary Stoner
1991 Moanalua Earl Kishimoto
1990 Kaiser Rodney Moriwake
1989 McKinley Tom Marks, Ron Pate
1988 McKinley Tom Marks, Ron Pate
1987 Moanalua Sterling Sasaki
1986 Kalani Mike Doran
1985 Radford Tom Chun
1984 Moanalua Sol Kaulukukui
1983 Pearl City Steve Martin &
Radford Tom Chun
1982 Radford Tom Chun
1981 Radford Tom Chun
1980 Radford Tom Chun
1979 Radford Tom Chun
1978 Radford Tom Chun
1977 Radford Tom Chun
1976 Radford Tom Chun
1975 Radford Tom Chun
1974 Kalani George Butterfield
1973 Kalani George Butterfield
1972 Kalani George Butterfield
1971 Kalani George Butterfield


2022 Kalaheo Stan Roth

2021 Kalaheo Stan Roth

2019 Kalaheo Stan Roth

2018 Kalaheo Stan Roth

2017 Pearl City Todd Nishida

2016 Radford Elizabeth Patton

2015 Mililani Nathan Aragaki

2014 Kaiser Dennis Swart

2013 Kaiser Dennis Swart
2012 Roosevelt Gordon Ota & Leilehua Lenalynn Miyamoto
2011 Leilehua Lenalynn Miyamoto
2010 Mililani Nathan Aragaki
2009 Mililani Nathan Aragaki
2008 Mililani Nathan Aragaki
2007 Leilehua Lenalynn Miyamoto
2006 Leilehua Lenalynn Miyamoto
2005 Radford Elizabeth Patton
2004 Campbell Arturo Morales
2003 Mililani Edwin Alfaro
2002 Mililani Edwin Alfaro
2001 Castle Martin Hee
2000 Kaiser Dennis Swart
1999 Kaiser Dennis Swart
1998 Roosevelt Gordon Ota
1997 Roosevelt Sterling Sasaki
1996 Mililani Shane Akamine & Ed Sawada
1995 Mililani Shane Akamine & Ed Sawada
1994 Moanalua Ray Madrid
1993 Kalaheo Lewis Fuddy & Gary Stoner
1992 Kaiser Rodney Moriwake
1991 Moanalua Ray Madrid
1990 Moanalua Christine Kanei-Wong
1989 McKinley Tom Marks & Ron Pate
1988 Kaiser Rodney Moriwake & Andre Hajnal
1987 Moanalua Christine Kanei-Wong
1986 Moanlaua Sterling Sasaki
1985 Mililani Ed Sawada
1984 Mililani Ed Sawada
1983 Castle Gordon Chang
1982 Kaiser John Lum
1981 Radford Tom Chun
1980 Radford Tom Chun
1979 Radford Tom Chun
1978 Kaiser Mitchell Otani
1977 Radford Tom Chun
1976 Radford Tom Chun
1975 Radford Tom Chun
1974 Radford Tom Chun
1972 Kalani George Butterfield


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