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Spectrum OC16

Thank you to OC16 for 36 years of telecasting OIA Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball and MORE!

Check out the schedule on OC16's website:  www.OC16.tv

Sport Advisor:Laynie Sueyasu, Athletic Director, Castle High School
Ph. (808) 305-0800

Start Time: 10:30 a.m.; 2:00 p.m. on test days

Effective SY 2023-24
Admission to Regular Season
$8.00 = General Admission

Admission to Championships
$9.00 = General Admission

2023-24 Girls East Divisional Results

2023-24 Boys East Divisional Results


Kalaheo Seeks Judo Coach

By: Kalaheo High School
Posted (Wed) January 19, 2022
Summary: Kalaheo High is seeking a Judo Coach... more

2018-19 Judo Team Championship Brackets

Posted (Mon) April 8, 2019
Summary: Get the 2018-19 OIA Judo Team Championships brackets here... more

OIA Judo Individual and Team Championships

Posted (Fri) April 24, 2015
Summary: Get the 2014-15 OIA Judo Individual Results and Team Championship schedule here... more

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2024 Pearl City Robin Puahala

2023 Kapolei Jason Yanase

2022 Moanalua Brandon Maki

2019 Moanalua Brandon Maki
2018 Pearl City Robin Puahala

2017 Pearl City Robin Puahala

2016 Kapolei Marc Narcisco

2015 Kapolei Marc Narcisco

2014 Kapolei Marc Narcisco
2013 Moanalua Brandon Maki
2012 Moanalua Brandon Maki
2011 Moanalua Brandon Maki
2010 Moanalua Brandon Maki
2009 Roosevelt Nathan Hiraoka
2008 Moanalua Brandon Maki
2007 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
2006 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
2005 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2004 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
2003 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
2002 Mililani Aaron Tanaka
2001 Modified Season
2000 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
1999 Castle Jason Kanekuni
1998 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
1997 Moanalua Richard Nakatsu
1996 Moanalua Richard Nakatsu
1995 Moanalua Takao Fujitani
1994 Moanalua Takao Fujitani
1993 McKinley James Chinen
1992 Moanalua Takao Fujitani
1991 Moanalua Takao Fujitani
1990 Moanalua Takao Fujitani
1989 McKinley James Chinen
1988 Pearl City Ivan Yoshimura
1987 Waialua Robert Nishi
1986 Waialua Robert Nishi
1985 Waialua Robert Nishi
1984 Aiea Sam Fujiyama
1983 McKinley Dean Shiraki
1982 Castle Ray Imada
1981 Pearl City Leigh Nakamoto
1980 Pearl City Leigh Nakamoto
1979 Pearl City Leigh Nakamoto
1978 Pearl City Leigh Nakamoto
1977 Pearl City Leigh Nakamoto


2024 Moanalua Brandon Maki

2023 Moanalua Derron Maki

2022 Moanalua Derron Maki

2019 Moanalua Derron Maki
2018 Moanalua Derron Maki

2017 Pearl City Robin Puahala

2016 Roosevelt Ryan Shimokawa

2015 Pearl City Robin Puahala

2014 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2013 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2012 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2011 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2010 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2009 Roosevelt Nathan Hiraoka
2008 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2007 Pearl City Robin Puahala
2006 McKinley Lance Iida
2005 Pearl City Jason Katoda
2004 Pearl City Jason Katoda
2003 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2002 Kahuku Reggie Torres
2001 Modified Season
2000 Pearl City Roy Kawaji
1999 Pearl City Roy Kawaji
1998 McKinley Laura Yoshida
1997 McKinley Laura Yoshida
1996 Moanalua Takao Fujitani


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