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Move Over, She's Coming Through!

Move Over, She's Coming Through!

(Wed) October 19, 2005

Jaylin Ioane (Waianae High School)

Instead of high heels and make up she chose cleats and a football helmet.

Freshman Misha Jones plays second-string running back for the Waianae High School Junior Varsity Football team. She is the only girl and she proves to the boys who she is on and off the field.

"I like to make touchdowns and I wanted to try a man's sport," Jones said. Jones is very determined and has what it takes to play the sport. "I feel proud to be the only girl playing for the Seariders," she continued

Being the only girl won't stop her from trying her best to earn the same respect from the other players. "I thought that it would be hard, but not that hard," Jones stated.

Being the only girl won't stop her to represent her school.

"I want to build good sportsmanship, to go to the OIA and to be a part of a sport with the boys," she added.

Why football? "It's my favorite sport that I love to play," Jones said.

Although the season has just started she has some memorable experiences that keep her going. "I learned how to be disciplined like a boy and I learned that it's not easy," she said.

Jones still plans to play for the rest of her high school career, but is unsure of the future.

Sophomores Matthew Ibanez and Kendall Pelen also know how it is and have memories with Jones.

"It feels weird but it makes us different" Ibanez and Pelen said. "She plays hard just like the boys."

Although Jones isn't starting, nothing will stop her to be the best she can on the team and to represent her school.

Head Coach Faigata Lave doesn't give special treatment to any of his players. "We treat her just like the boys, no different because she came to the summer practices and she earned her right to play on this team" Lave added.

Lave's strategy, is to teach his players discipline and hard work. He wants his players to learn that it's not only about football, it's also about what you go through in life.

So instead of wearing a dress with earrings and a flower in her ear, she will be wearing muddy cleats and her football helmet to top it off.


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