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Waipahu High School Soccer

Waipahu High School Soccer

(Thu) February 3, 2005

Shannon Onaga (Waipahu High School)

The sound of mud puddles splashing, players taunting one another other, and the cries of cheers echoing throughout the stadium as the feeling of fatigue conquers the body are all to familiar to the Marauder soccer teams. This year wasn't the most successful year for the boys' or girls' soccer teams, as there records show, but they've saved the best for last.

On Tuesday January 18, the Marauder soccer seniors played their last official soccer game of their high school careers. They faced off against the Waialua Bulldogs, who put up a strong front.

Both teams took the field, after a series of cheers. Both were looking for a victory. "We all played hard to win the Waialua game," said sophomore Noelani Roach. "It would have been a nice way to end it for our seniors." The biggest obstacle both teams faced was the terrible field conditions. Watery mud puddles caused players to slip and fall, and affected the ball to react unpredictably. During the first half of the game the Marauders dominated the field they and held it together in the second to end in a zero, zero tie against the Bulldogs. "It was a great game and a great way to end the season," said freshman Kristie Gose.

The boys took to the field for the second game, and dominated from the beginning. "It was clear to everyone that our guys were stronger," said sophomore Tiffany Salondaka. Then late in the first half, senior Tauinaola Tili scored the first goal of the game making it 1-0 Marauders. "After the first goal we were all hyped up, we knew the game was ours," said junior captain Jared Tivera. The boys were able to hold this lead over the Bulldogs through the second half, ending with a 1-0 victory. "I'm proud of my guys, they gave great effort throughout the season," said head coach Chris Weddle. "It was a well-deserved win for them. They fought hard for it."

Not everyone likes to play in the rain, as for the varsity boy and girl's soccer team, it's not a choice, and it is necessary. The winter weather was delayed this year, but its winter rain and cold winds are no longer hibernating. Facing harsh winds and cold weather, the varsity soccer teams attacked it head on. With their season more than half finished, only four more games were left in their season.

During this past winter break, both teams faced a predicament as their coaches were missing from the sideline, due to previously planned trips. Therefore, their assistant and volunteer coaches led both teams during their absence. During the break, both the boys and girls' varsity soccer teams challenged Pearl City and Leilehua, ending with two losses.

On December 28, 2004, Waipahu faced Leilehua on the Mules' home turf. Due to the prior rainstorms, the day before Leilehua's football field was a muddy mess. "Mud was everywhere. It was stuck on the bottom of our cleats and on our clothes," said Kristi Gose. The terrible playing conditions made it a challenging game for both teams. "You could see player from both teams slipping and sliding all over the place," said junior captain Joshua Brown. "Players were even crashing into each other, not being able to stop in time." Even though the results for both teams ended up in a defeat, all of the players had their share of rolling around in the mud. "Though we lost we still had a lot of fun playing around in the mud," said Brown.

Upon returning to school after the two-week winter break, the Marauders faced yet another challenging opponent, the Mililani Trojans, last year's state champions. With only Monday to regroup, the varsity soccer teams challenged the Trojans on January 4. Both teams played hard, but once again, the Marauders swallowed another bitter loss.

"This year was a good experience for me," said freshmen Reena Rivera. "Having it been my first year, I had a lot of fun." Next year a junior varsity girl's team will be formed, so freshmen and sophomores will have the opportunity to gain more experience, playing time, and the chance to progress in their skills and abilities, before moving up to varsity.

The winter soccer season is now over for the Marauders, because they failed to make the cut to participate in this year's soccer play offs.

"We've come a long way since the beginning of the season," said Salondaka. "But it felt like the season came and went super fast." Now that everything is over, both teams celebrate a season well done.


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