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Waianae Receives Soccer Equipment

Waianae Receives Soccer Equipment

(Tue) February 20, 2007

Chelsie Bernades (Waianae High School)

The Waianae High School Girls soccer team has a sponsor, First Hawaiian Bank. Coach Courtney Brant made the connection.

"First Hawaiian Bank is a proud supporter for the volunteers of Teach for America and Courtney, being one of the volunteers, followed up on this saying she coached the school's soccer team, so we decided to support the program. I'm more than glad to do anything to help the girls," Horner said.

With this, Coach Brant and Laura Siegel purchased new equipment and uniforms for the entire team. With new goals, cones, practice vests and soccer balls, there are enough for the whole team and practice runs smoother.

"The new equipment makes practice easier because now all three teams don't need to share two goals, and we don't have to worry about practicing with flat balls," Brant said. "It makes it easier because we don't have to share balls," Varsity player Kiana Kamalani said "We have enough for each player."

Not only does the new equipment make things easier, but helps players accomplish more at practice. "With new equipment to help us we can develop more skills," Varsity player Earlynn Keamo said.

To show their generosity, the team is planning on sending Horner a card saying thank you, along with a frame with the girls' signatures.

All Horner wants is an invitation to one game and to sit on the bench with the girls.


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