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Radford Wrestling 2005

Radford Wrestling 2005

(Thu) February 3, 2005

Christine Slavin (Radford High School)

Wrestling is a full-blown sport that has been around since Before the Common Era (BCE). Wrestling first came to the Olympics in 708 BCE. However, back then, the sport was more violent since it was tied into military training.

Now wrestling has become a sport in high school with a set of rules and techniques to follow.

Radford High School's wrestling team has been practicing since November. The team has been conditioning, which consists of running, weight lifting, and drills. They also go over moves, and run through what happens during a meet.

"I'm glad I made this choice, " said Jasmin Smith, Grade 10, who joined wrestling for the first time this year. "It keeps me physically fit and disciplined . . . I love it."

Wayne Guevara, Ritchie Smith, and Dean Casupang make up the coach front for the wrestling team.

Wrestling coaches prepare the team with their own personal wrestling experiences.

"They know what they're talking about," said Sims. "They push us to do our ultimate best."

"They're cool," said Chester Marcelo, Grade 9.

"Coach Ritchie was a reason I was interested in the sport in the first place," said Elizabeth Cajimat, Grade 9.

With experienced coaches and a will to win, this year's wrestling team is ready for the '04-'05 season they are getting ready to embark on.
Wrestling Moves, Techniques and Scoring

Sprawling: a defense move to stop the opponent from taking a wrestler down

Arm Throw: throwing the opponent over wrestler's shoulder by holding his or her arm

Par terre (referee's position): starting position where one wrestler is down on all fours while the other is beside him or her kneeling with both hands on his or her back

Technical points: points scored during match

Take downs: scored when the wrestler takes down the opponent from the standing position; more points are given if opponent is put on his or her back

Reversals: scored when the wrestler gains control over his or her opponent, thus switching the situation around

Exposing: when the opponent's back touches the mat; also known as pinning the opponent

Escapes: when being controlled by the opponent, but still is able to free him or herself and move to a standing position


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